Professor Kim Taegeun of Sejong University Launches the Commercialization of FSH Technology-based Optical Inspection Equipment
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Kim Taegeun, professor of Electronic Information and Communication Engineering at Sejong University, is leading the commercialization of optical inspection equipment that uses high-speed FSH (Flying-over Scanning Holography) technology.

Professor Kim developed the world's first high-speed FSH camera technology. Using this technology, Professor Kim developed 3D hologram inspection equipment that creates 3D images with a single image. This can accelerate the development of the medical and bio industries. 

Professor Kim plans to commercialize optical inspection equipment using FSH technology through the company Cubixel. The company has completed developing an optical module prototype that can be applied to inspection equipment. It is reported that plans to commercialize FSH-based automatic optical inspection equipment are underway, including a recent supply contract with a Tier-1 semiconductor manufacturer.

Further, the research has been focusing on the fact that 3D hologram technology using FSH technology can be applied to AR and VR-related fields. In recognition of the project’s contribution to the development of the content industry, Professor Kim received a certificate of recognition from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Professor Kim stated that " national task technologies developed by universities are extremely significant as they can contribute to national key industrial innovation," adding, "We hope that university education and research will be an opportunity to advance industrial technology and innovate the industry.”

Meanwhile, Cubixel, where Professor Kim serves as CEO, is gathering the attention of the venture investment industry. Until last year, the company succeeded in attracting a Series A round investment worth 8 billion won.

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