Sejong University Professor Kim Taegeun Selected for among Top 100 in National R&D Excellence
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세종대 김태근 교수팀, 국가 연구개발 우수성과 100선 선정

Sejong University announced on the 26th that Electronic Information and Communication Engineering department Professor Kim Taegeun’s team (pictured) was recently selected in the Excellence in National R&D Top 100 list by the Ministry of Science and ICT in 2021. 

The Excellence in National R&D Top 100 List is a government project designed to raise the public's interest in science and technology and to promote the work of scientists and engineers.

Of the 100 research teams selected for this year's list, 19 research teams were listed in the information and electronics fields.

Professor Kim's team developed the world's first high-speed FSH (Flying-over-scanning holography) camera technology. Commercialized through Cubixel, a faculty led start-up, the project succeeded in attracting Series A investment worth 3 billion won during the last year.

Cubixel has developed a 3D optical inspection equipment-type FSH optical module prototype using its technology. Currently, FSH-based automatic optical inspection equipment is being developed and prepared for commercialization. 

When applied to regular camera technology, the hologram of the subject can be photographed in its natural color. Additionally, the technology may be applied to cameras in AR and VR-related fields that require photography of object holograms.

Professor Kim noted, "I am glad our work is acknowledged through such recognition and investment.” He explained that the project “bears significance as the world's first instance of commercialization of FSH and holographic optical inspection technology.”

He added, "We expect this technology to be used not only in the general consumer market but also in the medical device market."

Meanwhile, Professor Kim has registered 13 patents related to holographic technology and applied for five overseas patents. Having published 20 papers on hologram technology in the SCI journals, his company currently owns the rights to the source technology and its theoretical foundations.









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